Street Thug on da'rize!


Birth Name: Mike’eal Jackson
Born: 2053 (18 years old, in your mommaz pussay!)
National Origin: Seattle, UCAS
Height: 150.2cm (4’11")
Weight: 70kg (154.3 ibs)
Profession: Street Hustla! getIN’ demZ $¥$¥$¥$¥$¥$¥$¥!!! BoIE!!!!


Early Childhood:

Micheal Jackson grew up watching his mother abuse drugs and be abused by a revolving door of scumbag boyfriends. She wasn’t a bad mother, but she was by no means a good mother. His fondest memory of his all too brief childhood is when they went to see a sports event with one of her less abusive less strung out BFs.
Adolescence: When Micheals was 16 he came home from his being a corner look-out for the local street gang when he found his mother dead, overdosed in the kitchen. He called for an ambulance to pick up the body. When the arrived they found Micheal watching TV program idolizing shadow-running, little changed to Micheals surprise after his mother death, he still worked as a corner-boy for the local street gang still found a million little scams, hustles, and cons to scrape by.

Early Adulthood: Jackson never really entertained the idea that he would ever rise above his lot in life, SIN-less and with no formal education to speak of. He accepted his lot in life, he grew up on the streets was raised on the streets would die or be locked up on the streets. That is until one windy rainy early evening it all changed for him, He was working the corner as he usually did when as is often the case in his neighborhood gunfire erupted, and as usual the once bustling street quickly emptied, Micheal intending on doing the same but never got the chance. Because as he made to run for his hiding spot an armored Hyundai shin-hyung. crashed into the alley-way Jackson just ducked into, the car was totaled even with its armor it had more bullet holes than metal left, the sad car’s impact into the brick wall had left it completely smashed; Jackson was no car guy but by the amount of damage he guessed the car had to have been traveling at top speed to cause that kind of impact damage. Jackson after regaining from the shock took account of this potential windfall of Yen and moved quickly to grab anything he could before the street pickers or whoever shot the car came looking. What he found as he expected where two highly mangled bodies and several large black duffle bags. He took the bags and ran. He didn’t look in the bags until he had made it safely home. When he opened the bags he wasn’t sure what he was looking at. But he knew it was worth something. Though he never got a chance to find out what or how much they were worth. Because as he returned from the bathroom he found two strangers in his apartment, the two going through the duffle bags on the table shot dead-eyed stares in his direction.
To live on the streets, you pick up the tell tail signs of danger, in a look in body stance in the vibe of the street Jackson was like all street kids already a master of this intuitive knowledge that these two were not boastful gangers or some street thug, no these two were ice cold killers of the deadliest level, he instinctively made ready to run. A voice stopped him as his muscle tensed for the escape, “I wouldn’t do that.” the voice said. and his front room lamp turned on to reveal an Elf sitting in his mother’s lazy boy, “my comrades tend to shoot first and never question.” he said with a sly smile only Elves can pull off. “Come sit young?” he looked quickly at Jackson. “Mike’eal Jackson” Jackson said even putting some false bravado in his voice. The mystery Elf smiled a genuine smile “Mike’eal…… How urban. I love it! do come and sit Mike-eal.” he gestured to the small couch.
For his efforts and assurance to disappear while authorities looked for Mike’eal he was given a cred stick with more Yen than he could have ever imagined. Normally Mike’eal would have blown it all on drugs, booze, drugs and whatever fleeting entertainment. But Mike’eal’s brush with the three strangers reminded him of that TV show he was watching the day his mother died, and he knew that this was his shot. After spending most of the money on some repoed cyberware and guns, Mikeal was ready for the shadows….

Introduction to Shadows:


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