Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

[Job] Code Blue, Dead or Alive <2072-09-13, 1:37 PM PST>


Job Type: Bounty – Dead or Alive – Open Contract
Duration: Until Completed
Location: Seattle Metroplex
Payment: 50,000 On completion
Threat Level: High

Description: We are looking for a large Japanese troll male with blue skin. The target is responsible for the deaths of numerous law enforcement officers and a several civilians. Be warned that the target possesses the strength to lift and throw at least a metric ton and has been seen armed with a large katana and compound bow. Target is believed to be extremely dangerous and known to work with associates. We have attached security footage of the target being engaged during a drug bust.

Attachment: sftb007.avi

Contact us for details.

-Mr. Johnson

Contact Client: Yes/No?


>Oh wow, did he throw that car?

>>Must have been like an entire C-SWAT team in that bird.

>>>That guy is fracked! Glad I don’t know him!

>>>>I think I saw that guy in a music trid, what is he like an surge or something?

>>>>>Pretty sure he’s some sort of Oni from Yomi Island. And yeah I think it’s the same guy, just watched that trid again. Really enjoying Bludmetals new song. Really gets the pro-meta feels going.

>>>>>He’s kinda slow. Tried to shoot me with a bow and arrow once and I easily dodged it. He works with a mage and a hacker. Hacker is pretty good. He hacked my eyes and ran me into a ditch. Not my best day.

>>>>>>Hey at least you’re alive, chummer!

>>>>>>>I’m guessing this is coming out of some sort of vengeance fund Knight Errant has set up for it’s employees. I know Renraku does the same thing.

>>>>>>>>50,000 is an awful lot for just one guy. Maybe he geeked somebody important, like maybe Damian Knight’s nephew was on the T-Bird when it went down?

>>>>>>>>>I never bagged me a blue troll before.

>>>>>>>>>>Mind if I get in on this Red? You give me 40% and I can back you up.




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