Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

[Job] Haunted House! <2072-09-29, 7:37 PM PST>


Job Type: Exorcism – Exclusive Contract
Duration: Until Completion
Location: Renton
Payment: 20,000¥ on completion
Threat Level: Medium

Description: By jove, I recently acquired a property and was horrified to discover that there seems to be a curse on it. I don't know much about the paranormal spirits and such, but I there must be an evil presence here! My staff of servants tells me that a spectre most foul appears during the night and terrorizes them, two of them have even gone missing! Please help me drive out this evil spirit!

-Mr. Johnson

Contact Client: <u>Click Here</u>>>>


>Doesn't Knight Errant have a paranormal disturbances department?

>>I heard there was a shakeup a few months ago. They ended up firing half the department, which was just a few guys to begin with.

>>>Must be the old Hadford place, I heard it was haunted.

>>>>El1te, don't pretend you know something. You as much about magic as I do about decking.

>>>>>Why isn't there a discription of the disturbance? I bet the "staff" is just making this drek up and their boss is dumb enough to load it.

>>>>>>What's a jove?



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