Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

[Job] Looking for a friend <2072-09-28, 5:53 PM PST>


Job Type: Extraction – Exclusive Contract
Duration: Few days
Location: Downtown Seattle
Payment: 50,000¥ on completion
Threat Level: High

Description: My name is Izzy, a few of you know me personally, you know my rep. I do honest work, no static, no bullshit, and no civies. Awhile ago I took a job against a AAA and a friend of mine got nabbed. I don't leave people behind so I'm looking to hire on some help for a rescue OP. Gonna need runners with expereince infiltrating corp facilities who can keep their cool under pressure. My friend is being held in a detetion facility inside a regional HQ. So this needs to happen ASAP.

-Izzy - Infiltration Specialist

Contact Client: Click Here>>>


>Oh that's fucked, Izzy! I'm still in CAS but I'll lend you my botnet if it helps!

>>Thank's chief. Maybe I'll find a use for them.

>>>You shouldn't do this, Izzy. It's not worth the risk.

>>>>A AAA you say? You have my aid, fraulein.
Herr D

>>>>>Oh fuck off, Nightcaller. Nobody asked you.

>>>>>>I don't do AAA for anything less than a 20k cut, let me know if you can afford me.



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